Veteran Connections

Opportunities for Veterans and Employers

Dedicated to the training, support, and placement of U.S. Veterans transitioning to civilian careers.

Adaptable. Resilient. Reliable.

Those are just a few positive attributes many Veterans bring to the workplace. They are also trainable. We partner with companies to provide career-enhancing training opportunities for Veterans, and the results are clear ~ A more skilled, diverse workforce with increased productivity and stronger teams.

Our country’s veterans make up a huge pool of talent that is often overlooked and underutilized. Our team has seen this first-hand and has made a commitment to create opportunities for veterans as part of the Workforce Connections mission. 

Setting veterans up for true success goes beyond a job connection. Our Veteran Connection team is equipped with resources to help transitioning vets understand and access their benefits, help connect them with communities and introduce them to opportunities with companies who not only see their value, but are also ready to leverage it. Are you one of those companies? We’d love to connect!

Our Leadership

Captain Michael Hurtado brings invaluable perspective and experience to the team and is passionate about connecting and supporting fellow veterans seeking new career opportunities. 

A 15-year Army veteran and graduate of University of South Carolina, Michael left the service on medical retirement while overcoming a service-related disability. He then stepped into a co-ownership role for a construction company with his father. Michael later followed a calling and after pursuing EMT, Fire Academy and Paramedic training, became a certified EMT and firefighter. He has worked for Abbott EMS as well as the Pediatric Transport team for St. Louis Children’s Hospital and is currently working at the Berkeley Fire Department. In 2019, Michael was promoted to Captain of the Berkeley Fire Department and continues to be passionate about community initiatives and lifting up fellow veterans and first-responders.

Corporate Partners

Customizable Training

Targeted Recruiting to Include U.S. Veterans

Payroll Services

Veteran Job Seekers


Open forum with our VP of Veteran Affairs every month. Find out how to access government-paid veteran benefits, talk about the challenges of acclimating to the civilian workforce, learn about potential career opportunities and more!


Quarterly events designed to bring the Veteran Community together

Career Services

Access to job opportunities with Veteran-Friendly companies, resume writing support, resources to help with the job search process and more!

Veteran Employees of Workforce Connections

Financial Benefits

Up to $5K/year

Skills Development

Online Training

Leadership Training

Quarterly classes on conflict resolution, dealing with change, problem solving, time management, relationship building and more!